A Day In Serangan :)

Yesterday we left the hotel room in search of a wave in Serangan, so we hopped into a be-mo and heading off into the unknown.  When we got on  the dirt road it felt like a maze of dirt tracks full of cows and cow poop. but when we finally got to the beach i literally jumped into the water and didn’t look back. the surf was pretty small and gentle waves but is was ssoo much fun out there 🙂 i was the only grom out the at first but a bit later a group of Japanese gromms came and it was really funny cause they said hello but didn’t look at me whist doing it hahhaha and they did scissors ,paper ,rock to see who could ask me where i was from 🙂 after three hours of awesome surf  i was ssoo tired so i paddled in and let Yani have a go on the surfboard.. after about 30 minutes a girl came into the restaurant and grabbed a surf board and went out.. she was sponsored by Billabong and she was a really awesome surfer and she was only thirteen! Then i fully started a mini tanty cause i couldn’t go out into the water… i went to all the places to rent a long board but mum said no.. But i convinced her to let me go out for half an hour… it was sooooooo much fun!!!! i met the girl and her name was Julieka ( she came 1st in the Billabong grom comp in Bali last year ) and we had ssoo much fun 🙂 i surfed so many waves and it was so much fun! i did a lot of snaps and i sprayed Yani hahhhahah :)so i ended up surfing 7 hours i can’t wait until i go there again!!!

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