Pachas Big Day

Today we woke up really early to go with Damian for a surf day. Because our place we are staying at is so hidden we waited at the corner for a bit… Let’s just say we were hard to find 🙂 once he got there we were off into the distance to find a nice wave. First we went to Padang Padang – we were sooo exited to be there because it is a very famous wave!  but because of the low tide it was very small… So we went to Uluwatu – OMG OMG!!! When you say ‘Uluwatu’ you instantly think awesome wave! 😀  it was nice but low tide so it was very shallow… So then we went to Secerets – I never herd of it but it looked nice!! : D … We stayed there for a bit of surfing. First we went to the left- I caught one okay wave , then we went to a right – it was pretty big and choppy so Yani and I didn’t catch a wave… So we  went back over to lefts and tried to catch more waves… It got a bit big so we paddled back in and saw little reforms on the right! So we went over there and had so much fun!!! 🙂 🙂 the tide was coming in so we went back to Uluwatu and it was (for me and Yani) pumping!!! But to get out there we had to paddle through a cave! Woah that was scary! When we were half out there the waves pushed me into the rock ( I didn’t touch it but close to) and my heart was in my mouth! But once out there it was soo fun!! 🙂 I got some good ones!! And after I duck dived a wave all I hear behind me is ‘eff , eff, eff!’ it was YANI?! And he said that a sea snake went under him… That freaked us out a bit :O so a couple of waves after that we went back in… This time Damian was even freaking out! But we all made it safely 🙂 and on the way back we tried to find dreamland… Hahahaha hard road to find the beach :/ but then we tried Serengan.. Low tide.. But we paddled out any way and I caught one wave! But it was like 0.1 seconds.. So then we walked back in.. Yup WALKED back in. Then, you know we did the usual , eat , watch a movie and sleep :)15•2•13word doc

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