Does coaching really make a difference?

We always thought it was just practice, practice, practice, have fun and get on out there in the water – and that’s still pretty much true.

But this year I’ve started some actual training – and it’s good! First at the school in the surf excellence program, then a little with Snapper Rocks Surfriders club and just three weeks ago a little more one on one coaching with advanced surf coaching.

Wow – now I know what they mean!

From a compressing bottom turn to paddling technique, getting those little hints make a huge, huge difference. Getting video feedback on what you are actually doing in the water is so helpful to see yourself make improvements and see what to work on (and that means you can share the video on your blog!
Pacha Light Surfing 2014
Whether you train or not – it’s still so much fun being out there in the ocean at dawn and dusk -but it comes down to YOU putting in the hard yards to reach the next level.

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